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Department of Engineering and Innovation

Head of Department: Mike Fitzpatrick

PA to Head of Department: Angie Swain


History of the Department

The Department of Engineering and Innovationwas formed in August 2013 and brings together groups with a long history of innovation in teaching and research:


Study Programmes

Design and innovation is all around us, in everything from the latest fashions to cutting-edge technological equipment. Through OU study you can gain a unique insight into the many branches of design – the case studies featured in our courses will take you from chair design to roller-coasters and beyond. You don’t need to have a technical background to get the most from our design courses, and the skills you’ll gain will be useful in a wide range of professions.

You’ll combine academic study with practical activities to develop the creative and logical thinking that successful design demands. This will involve learning about important design considerations, such as:

  • The need to design for people who will use the products
  • Designing for manufacture
  • The environmental impacts of design

You will also be prompted to think about how design could lead to a more sustainable future.


Awards in Design and Innovation
Engineering Technology and Design

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